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Brooklyn Defender Services - Family Defense Practice ("BFDP") protects the due process rights of low-income families and helps access the benefits and services families need to remain safe and stable. Our diverse team of attorneys, social workers, and parent advocates provides families with the tools to stay together and improve the quality of their children's lives. BFDP is tasked with representing half of parents named in child welfare cases filed in Brooklyn by New York City's Children's Services. Our clients are overwhelmingly low-income families of color who are in the system as the result of underlying poverty in the family, not because of alleged abuse. BFDP is dedicated to achieving equality for all Brooklyn families, and changing the practice that punishes families for being poor. 

In 2013, BFDP joined forces with Brooklyn Defender Services (BDS). Founded in 1995, BDS provides indigent defense representation to 38,000 people arrested each year and has on-site immigration attorneys, a youth project, and a wealth of other resources for low-income Brooklyn residents.


Watch this inspiring video about the BFDP which premiered at our 2011 Fall Benefit. Produced by Mind's Eye Productions.