Children's Museum of the Arts


BFDP’s collaboration with the Children's Museum of the Arts (CMA) creates an opportunity for our clients to visit with their children in a positive and enriching environment  - instead of the crowded and small spaces most agencies provide for visits.

ARTogether, designed for families working towards reunification, provides engaging and interactive supervised visits.  Children and their parents meet at the museum for 8-10 weeks for 2-hour visits.  During this time, families can bond, interact, and play together in a comfortable and positive environment.

CMA’s clinically trained visit facilitators develop individualized visit plans that identify specific goals and objectives for each family.  There are unique hands-on art workshops and an open art space that allows for creative freedom and expression.  Each family engages in art and play activities that enhance communication and encourage family interaction

By transforming supervised visits into productive opportunities for family bonding, ARTogether helps participating families build the trust and stability necessary for reunification.

BFDP is working with ARTogether to expand the program to other museums and to publicize the program in court and with other agencies.  We are very excited about and grateful for this opportunity to work with this great institution.