The Young Parents' Empowerment Project

Young parents involved in the child welfare system are at a point of crisis in their lives. Struggling with serious barriers to achieving stability for themselves and their children, young parents with child welfare cases often lack education and job skills, and frequently confront homelessness and domestic violence. Many of the young mothers with whom BFDP works were themselves raised in the foster care system and lack any family supports. Many are also in need of counseling and supportive mental health services.

BFDP helps young mothers navigate the complicated child welfare system, and connects them to strong support systems to help them secure public benefits, housing, education and employment. Through one on one mentoring, targeted monthly workshops, peer support groups, linkages to community-based resources and the ongoing support of parent advocates, BFDP empowers young mothers under 24 to take responsibility for themselves and their children. BFDP partners with area law schools and social work programs to provide an individual partner for young mothers to support them through the program.  Ultimately, BFDP reunifies young mothers with their children by helping them gain the self esteem and sharing the tools necessary to access benefits and services to provide their children with a safe and stable home.